Refine Presentation: Elevator Pitch, Rocket Pitch, Surface Dive and Deep Dive

Execution and Delivery of Sales Strategy:

Business communications, from elevator pitch to rocket pitch from surface dive presentations to deep dive presentations, to all sales presentations and capital raising initiatives must be clear, concise and credible. 75% of a presentation is communicated non-verbally. We have a professional actor on staff to help you nail your presentation. We can help both buyers and sellers of capital get this right. You need an elevator pitch, rocket pitch, surface dive presentation and deep dive presentation. Do you have your business model written and rehearsed in these four formats? If you don’t, it is highly likely you will not attract investment capital or funding. And if your sales people don’t have these rehearsed and memorized, they are hurting your revenue growth. Guaranteed!

Vital Aspects of An Elevator Pitch


The first word that comes out of your mouth will perhaps be remembered the most. Differentiate yourself while creating common ground with your audience

Where You Are Going

Clearly communicate your goals. The audience should know exactly what you are working towards.

How Far You Have Come

Tell the audience how far you have come along in your goal fulfillment. Emphasize the actions you have taken to fulfill your goals and how you are propelling them even farther.

Sell Yourself

Tell why you or your offering are the best. Back up your claims with proof. Highlight your proven record and ability to succeed in everything you put your mind to.


Make sure you know your next point of contact. This way, you can follow up on your pitch, close the deal and advance new ground.

Elevator Pitch, Rocket Pitch, Surface Dive and Deep Dive

Elevator pitch

  • 3 seconds and 10 seconds

Rocket Pitch

  • 3 minutes

Surface Dive

  • 18 minutes and five slides – no text, only images

Deep Dive Presentation

  • Develop a 90 minute presentation with slides. Reduce and deliver it in 10 minutes


  • You need a three-stage product pitch. 10 seconds, 30 seconds and five minutes. If you don’t have this well-prepared, well-rehearsed, and thoroughly memorized you don’t have a shot at raising capital or selling your product! Remember, keep your slide presentations to less than 12 pages.

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